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Their Unique Needs

Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you’ll need personal and professional financial guidance as you build and grow your career. You’ve worked hard to care for others, as have we. We understand your unique needs to protect against liabilities and other risks; preserve your assets from excessive taxes; mitigate the effects of healthcare cutbacks; manage education debt and, finally, pursue financial independence. You also have other priorities to save for – a home, a family, retirement – while facing healthcare reform, rising malpractice premiums and reduced insurance payouts. We understand the unique financial issues you face and why it’s more important than ever to make smart financial decisions now to prepare for the future.

We help by creating a wealth management plan that is designed to address every important aspect of your practice and personal life, including everything from funding your children’s college educations to having an estate plan. By collaborating with your tax and legal advisors, we can create family limited partnerships or asset-protection trusts, secure umbrella insurance coverage, and help you find solutions for dealing with managed care reimbursement cutbacks and rising practice expenses.

You can rely on us to provide customized guidance to manage and protect your hard-earned wealth.

Services Include

Risk Management

Cash Flow Analysis

Debt management Strategies

Smart Borrowing Options

Investment Advice & Education

Tax Considerations

Practice Management & Business Planning

Accelerated Retirement Planning

Legacy Planning

Estate Planning

Charitable Giving


  Our Goal is to provide the sound financial guidance you seek, so you can focus more one what you do best – caring for your patients. 


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